We are used to travelling with our own dogs so we are very aware of the difficulties of booking truly dog friendly holiday accommodation.

That's why we set up Lebanon Cottage to be super dog friendly rather than just dogs tolerated.

For those dogs who are keen to have a good run, we have our exercise paddock just a few steps from the property.

Fenced with double height stock fencing, some of the grass is cut and some left wild for some good rummaging. 

There is a footpath running outside the field, at least a car length away from the fence. If that field does not work for you, e.g. a reactive dog, you are welcome to use our other field which is away from any people or dogs walking past, please just ask when booking.

Outside there is a secure garden with a gate that can be bolted from the outside.  

There are high fences right down to the ground, and a wall surrounding the garden. There is no grass (but you have the paddock) and the garden is laid with gravel, tile and plants around the outside. 

Please just make sure you bag up poops and place in the bin provided just for that purpose, or pop in a bin when you are out.

In the kitchen there is a vinyl floor, so easy to clean, and a cupboard especially reserved for your doggy supplies.

There are a couple of bowls, mats, food 'spork' and plenty of room to put your dog's food. For those using frozen food, there is an under-counter freezer.

Dogs are allowed everywhere in the house, but if they go on furniture we ask you to use throws. We provide a couple but make sure you have enough for all your needs. You are also welcome to bring your own bedding (just le me know when booking).

If you bring your dog with you on holiday, we just have some simple guidance.

We ask you to please respect the property as you would your own home, do not allow your dogs to damage furniture and fittings and clean up any dog hair. If damage is caused a charge may be made. As we do have non-dog owning guests, please ensure that dogs arrive free of fleas and freshly groomed / bathed to ensure there are no lingering odours or little 'friends' left for the comfort of future guests.

Ever thought of a Traincation?

If you want to do some training with your dog while on holiday contact Carolyn at West Cornwall Dog Training. 

I often work with guests and visitors on all sorts of training while they are on their holidays.

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Gallery of some of our guest pictures and doggy days out