Frequently Asked Questions about Lebanon Cottage ... and the answers!

These are literally the questions I get asked by guests when they are booking, or when the arrive, and I will add to them as we go.

How dog friendly are you?

Dogs are allowed throughout the property, we have no limits on numbers and no charge unless damage is caused. We just ask a few things:

Ensure your dogs are free of little critters when they arrive (fleas).

Ensure your dogs are smelling sweet - one of the most difficult things to get rid of is dog smell, and that means you are likely not going to be coming back as we need to ensure that ALL our guests enjoy their stay including the ones that come after you.

Use throws for any furniture you dog is likely to climb on.

Clean up any dog hair, slobber, poops in the garden and the exercise paddock before you leave.

In terms of banned breeds, please give us a call. The garden is pretty secure but NOT 6ft all round. The paddock I don't think would be considered secure as far as the legislation is concerned as the fencing is not at the level required for off lead without a muzzle.

If you are a non-dog owning guest, please bear in mind that probably three quarters of our guests have dogs. Our cleaners do a great job, but if an odd stray dog hair is not something that works for you, we are not the property for you.

Is the garden secure?

The garden has either wall or 6ft fence, the lowest point is the gate which is slightly lower by a couple of inches, but still a good height. There is a bolt on the inside which you can put across for extra security.

How is the property heated?

There are storage heaters downstairs. We don't tend to touch them in between guests, and you may need to turn up or down depending on your particular feeling about cold / heat. There is an electric stove type heater in the lounge for an extra boost.

In the bedrooms there are electric heaters in each bedroom and a towel rail in the bathroom.

If you are looking for a property with a log burner and central heating, that's not us.

What about hot water?

The shower is instant hot water.  Other hot water comes from an immersion heater in the airing cupboard which is left switched on.

What's the code for the wifi?

There is a note on the pinboard in the kitchen (don't look at the back of the hub as that's a bit confusing). The wifi is unlimited so you will be able to stream what you wish.

Do I need to put the bins out?

No, our provider comes to collect on a Friday. There is a general rubbish bin, a bin for recycling apart from glass, a glass box, and a poop bin for dogs.

Do you have a hot tub?

No we don't and have no plans to add one.